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Design & Architecture

Leveraging domain expertise and vendor best practices, Logic Everywhere can help plan and design secure networks tailored to customer business requirements. Design and architecture services helps get things right the first time and can help avoid costly rework of business-critical network infrastructure.

Discovery & Documentation

When documentation is out of date or simply non-existent, organisations are faced with both operational and business continuity risk. Logic Everywhere offers discovery and documentation services to help customers mitigate these risks and get an up to date view of their network infrastructure.

Infrastructure Modernisation

Running on end-of-life and end-of-support platforms is risky business and it can be a challenge to keep on top of lifecycle refresh let alone figure out which vendor platforms to standardise on. Logic Everywhere can help companies modernise their IT infrastructure to deliver reduced costs and improved security and agility.

IT Network M&A Integration/Separation

Merging companies often have very different and incompatible IT network configurations which need to be integrated rapidly in order for the overall merger to be successful. Divestment and separation can be just as difficult especially when shared systems are used. Logic Everywhere can help companies navigate through these complexities before and after deal closure.

Network Optimisation

Networks neglected by managed service providers are perfect candidates for tuning or re-modelling to provide better end user experience, reduced costs and improved security. Logic Everywhere network optimisation services is specifically designed to provide IT managers a second opinion and uncover any optimisation opportunities in enterprise networks.

Roadmap Development

Having a strategic network roadmap helps ensure that executive leadership and IT professionals are on the same page as to the value of network improvement projects planned for the next few years and how they align with business growth. Logic Everywhere offers consulting services to help companies with network roadmap and strategy development.